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Life’s twists and turns can include bumps in the road that effect your credit. Williamson Credit is designed with your future in mind. We will work hard to get you back on the road and back on track to re-build your credit score.

Get Pre-Approved

Get Pre-Approved

Submit your credit application from home! Your pre-approval determines important factors like vehicle type, interest rate and down payment.



Our Credit Specialists work with a large network of lenders to secure the best finance packages specific to your circumstance. Once we convert your pre-approval to a purchase application, we schedule you delivery!

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Once you take possession you begin rebuilding your credit! Consistency and timing is key to lowering your interest rate and getting you into another vehicle with a smaller down payment!

How your Credit Score is Calculated

Financing an automobile is a very efficient way to rebuild your credit score! A vehicle is a significant investment that influences the two largest portions of your credit score: payment history and available credit. Payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score- so be sure to ALWAYS make your payments on time. The other significant portion of your credit score is based on how much of your available credit you are making use of. With this portion making up 30% of your credit score it is important to carefully evaluate your budget so that you never miss a payment!


We are committed to making you a long-lasting customer and friend.

Williamson Credit Correct is the perfect place to go if you are looking to buy a new or used vehicle, They have amazing staff who are very helpful and kind. I recommend to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle, to use Williamson's

June 2021

After working with Williamson Chrysler Credit Correct to purchase a new vehicle, I am happy to say I am content. Yes, content. I didn't get the vehicle of my dreams or even the vehicle I set out to purchase but I did get the feeling of trust. They were very knowledgable and explained every step of this complicated process to me which I did not experience elsewhere. Excited for my next vehicle with Williamson's! -C.S

Jan 2021

I had the best experience with Williamson's getting my new vehcile! Taylor was so kind and patient in explaining everything to me. She went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed in my new vehicle! My boyfriend and I visited a number of other dealerships that were unable to help us purchase a new vehicle. We were pleasantly surprised with the experience- 10/10 would recommend! -H.R

Feb 2021

I had a really good experience with Taylor. After failing to get approved at a few other dealerships, Taylor was very helpful and professional throughout the process of purchasing a vehicle. Highly recommend her and Williamson Chrysler Credit Correct!

Dec 2020
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