Warranty & Coverage

Pre-owned Warranty:

We put our pre-owned vehicles through a rigorous inspection nevertheless, you want to ensure your pre-owned vehicle has a long life.

Even the best pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs will need to be maintained. We have multiple Warranty options that will help protect you from repair and maintenance costs down the road. Plus, if you ever sell our vehicle, the warranty can often be transferred, adding to the value of your vehicle.

Tire and Rim Protection

*Not available for sale in the Province of Québec

Over the course of their life, your tires will take a beating. Unfortunately, road hazards such as debris from other vehicles, nails and screws, fallen rocks, or broken glass can cause damage that prevents your tire or rim from even holding air.

Platinum Tire & Rim Protection provides up to 5 years of coverage for damage caused by road hazards, including:

  • Damaged tire or rim repair (including mounting, balancing, and installation costs as well as any taxes or levies)
  • Damaged tire or rim replacement if repairs cannot be done
  • Tire change or towing assistance

Coverage applies to both original and replacement tires.  Coverage is not prorated, is transferable, and there are no deductibles. Platinum Tire & Rim Protection is available for both new and used vehicle.


Gap Insurance:

An optional insurance coverage that serves to protect you if your vehicle is damaged or stolen and appraised by insurance at less than the amount you owe. Gap insurance helps pay the difference between the depreciated value of your vehicle and what you may still owe.

Williamson Chrysler Credit and Family Protection

Family and Credit Protection:

Life happens, thats why we have insurance. Family, Credit and VRC protection is an important option to discuss when purchasing a vehicle, luckily our Finance Managers are well versed on eligibility and coverage.

First Canadian's life insurance is designed to protect your family from the financial risks of an untimely injury or death. Should either of these tragedies occur, our insurance ensures that the financial obligation on your vehicle is reduced or eliminated, depending on your coverage, sparing you and your family the expense and worry of paying out the loan.

Terms are flexible. Protection is available for the entire duration of the loan or shorter terms to accomodate your personal needs.

What are the Benefits?

  • Benefit payments are tax-free, paid directly to the lender and never have to be re-paid
  • Creditor Insurance pays over and above any additional insurance.
  • Premiums are calculated based on your financed amount NOT on your age.
  • No medical exam is required.
  • Enrollment is voluntary and made available at the time your loan or leasing agreement commences, so premiums can be included in financing as an easy payment option.
  • Plans are available to both the customer and the co-signerInterested in more information? Contact our finance team today to schedule an appointment!